Catch up with the hockey pig Thunder

Tampa, Florida (WFLA)-Tampa Bay first introduced Thunder and Bolt in 2017. The hockey-loving pork knuckles adopted by the Barrow family often tour hospitals and nursing homes, providing pig pet therapy.
These little pigs have won the title of media celebrities for their cute antics, and are special guests at the Tampa Bay Lightning Game.
Thunder and Bolt are no longer so small, each weighing about 75 pounds. Moreover, due to the pandemic, it is impossible to go to the hospital. Instead, the Barrows put escalators and hand sanitizer outside their pens so that the neighbors can stop in a social place slightly away from psychological support. Moreover, the Thunder and Bolt remain active on their social media pages, thereby spreading the enthusiasm of the pigs.
13-year-old Claire Barrow said: “The best way to spread it is through the Internet. I feel that the Thunder and Bolt are now trying their best to do this.” She is not such a small four-legged friend.
Claire said that given the rainy season in Florida, the Thunder and Bolt have been loving life lately because the rainy season provides plenty of soil to take root everywhere. Of course, these animals are also excited to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning while watching the Stanley Cup game.
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