Twitter is rolling out a new section called “Quote Tweets” to all users

Twitter is rolling out new features for all customers of its platform. Starting immediately, retweets with feedback will be referred to as “quote” tweets and will be organized under a single tweet.
In order to view all responses to the unique tweet, or to quote the tweet, quote the tweet on the tap on the tweet. It will take you to count all the responses to that tweet.
Twitter introduced the new features through the Twitter Assist account (on Twitter after all).
“Tweets. Several tweets add more content to the dialog box, so we made searching easier. Tweets with feedback are actually called quote tweets, and they usually have the Tweet element view added. Tap Insert the Tweet directly, and then tap “Quote Tweets” to see its multifunctional location.”
Tweets with feedback are actually called quote tweets, and they usually have been added to the Tweet element view. Insert the faucet directly into Tweet, and then check their multi-functional position in the “Quote Tweets” faucet.
The new features immediately began rolling out to all customers of the platform. If you checked a tweet, but it seems that you did not select “quote tweet”, please check when you can find the latest alternative to the Twitter app on App Retailer.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Super evolution has finally arrived in Pokémon Go, and then Mega Raids! Mega Raids is a new type of Raids Raids that allows you and your friends to meet Mega Advanced Pokémon. These are many of the most difficult raids, but we are here at iMore to hear from you again! This is all the little information you might want to know about using Mega Blastoise in Pokémon Go.
The final development of Mega Blastoise, the first super water level game, is one of the first Super Super Pokémon launched to Pokémon Go. Although its type and subsequent weaknesses and advantages remain unchanged before Mega Advanced, it will still get a huge performance improvement, which may be the biggest problem for Raids returning to “Pokémon Go”.
As a kind of water, Mega Blastoise is weak against grass and electrical animals. However, it has a considerable number of attack options, as well as obvious “water” attacks, in addition to “dark”, “conventional”, “metal” and the most worrying “ice”. If you want to oppose Mega Blastoise with Ice Beam, please do not provide Grass counters. They will wither immediately.
Zekrom is a legendary dragon and electrical species in Gen V Unova. It has some unimaginable statistics to improve its electrical species once again: Cost Beam and Wild Cost. Despite this, many gamers missed Zekrom because it was launched at the height of the global pandemic. If you have one, it may be the highest counter for non-shadows, but there is a caveat: as a dragon, Zekrom is relatively weak against ice. However, it took half of the damage in Mega Blastoise’s “water and metal” attacks, which made it most effective in these attacks.
If you have carried out a large number of Mega Raid attacks, then you may be lucky to have Mega Vitality to deliver Mega Venusaur to this battle. As the ultimate development of the Grass and Poison Kanto starter, Venusaur aims to deal with Blastoise. However, like most great counters, Venusaur suffered double damage from the ice beam. Nevertheless, it did take half the damage of Blastoise’s Water attack. If you want to bring any variant of Venusaur into this team, the most effective strikes are vine whips and frantic plants.
Electabuzz is the fourth-generation evolutionary version of Electabuzz. Electavire is a good choice for this Raid. As a pure electric type, it will not bring any weakness to the battle, and can resist Mega Blastoise’s Flash Cannon. Although it requires Sinnoh Stone to evolve, Electabuzz has been in the sport since the first day, and its subtypes have been added. Elekid means that most gamers have at least enough Sweet on a pair of Electivire to evolve And enhance vitality. Lightning shock and wild cost are the skills you need to complete this mega raid.
Raikou’s electronic Johto legendary beast has been widely used in Pokémon Go. It has appeared in the raid as an analytical breakthrough reward, and it also has Shadow Pokémon, so most gamers have at least one power-up club. As a pure electrical type, it has no Mega Blastoise that can take advantage of and resist the weaknesses of Flash Cannon. Lightning strikes and wild price are the battle strikes your Raikou needs to know.
The final development of the first generation of Magnemite, Magnezone is an electrical and metal type. Although it needs Sinnoh Stone to evolve, most players have a lot of Sweet to evolve and enhance its power. It can resist all attacks of Mega Blastoise, except Chunk, Chunk is often hurt. You may need your Magnezone to understand the spark and wild cost of this super raid.
The fourth generation Roserade grass and poison can resist all ice cream giant blastoise well. Ice blows will cause double damage, and water will cause half of the damage. It is another thing that needs Sinnoh Stone to evolve, but Roselia is quite common, and even has a kind of child, so many gamers have Sweet to enhance its energy. Razor leaves and grass knots are the most effective moves in this battle.
Luxray was originally discovered in the Sinnoh area of ​​Gen IV. It is an electrical type that performed well in this battle. The use of Mega Blastoise has no disadvantages and can resist Flash Cannon. However, it is not possible to evolve a complete 125 sugar from its basic form Shinx, which is not very popular. However, when you turn on the power once, Spark and Wild Cost is the mobile device you want to search for.
Zapdos (Zapdos) is a legendary electrical and flying category in the first generation. It has appeared many times, so there is no good reason to say that at least one participant participated in the super attack. Due to the way it flies, it suffers double damage from ice rays, but it can indeed resist flash cannons. If you are with Zaptos in the Raid group, lightning strikes and lightning strikes will be all you need.
The evolution of the first generation Tangela, Tangrowth is the grass introduced in the fourth generation. It is another Pokémon that needs Sinnoh Stone, but since Tangela is quite extensive and has existed since day one, many gamers have enough candy to evolve and boost energy. Cane whip and energy whip are actions you need Tangrowth to know about, and like all Grass types, don’t use Tangrowth to fight Ice Beam Mega Blastoise.
Sceptile is the ultimate development of the Gen III Grass starter. As long as the Ice Beam is not considered, this super attack can be done well. In the group stage, most players have at least one pair already powered up. For mobile devices, the bug-type fast attack Fury Cutter is almost no better than the Grass-type Bullet Seed, but only slightly. Crazy Plants is a choice allegation against Mega Blastoise.
Although the availability of many advanced counters is quite common, if you are trying to form a complete group or become an upward group again, please consider the following counters:
The rebalancing of Shadow Pokémon rescued from Crew GO Rocket makes it a wonderful glass cannon. Not only have their data improved, but under certain circumstances, it is feasible to change their strike. If you happen to have the next Pokémon with the correct sign, they will work well on this Raid:
Observation: Shadow Raikou, Shadow Magnezone and Shadow Zapdos went out to execute all the highest counters. Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Electivire take place at the same stage, because Pokémon is in the lead in the most effective counter record.
Although this is feasible for 3 over-stage gamers with excellent move sets and counters, if you happen to be lost in the opposition to Ice Beam or in the superb counter, then you might expect Raiding to reach 5 points Or extra. Certain weather conditions may be contrary to yours. Snow will increase Mega Blastoise’s Ice and Metal attacks, while Fog will increase its Darkish attacks. Partly cloudy weather will increase its normal type of skull blow, while rain will increase its attack on water. Fortunately, rain may also increase your Electric counter, and a sunny/clear sky will increase your Grass counter.
Do you have any questions about using this super Pokémon? Any thoughts on other trainers? Let us know in the feedback below and make sure that in addition to our many different Pokémon Go guides, you can also check out our Full Pokédex so that you can become a Pokémon Grasp too!
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Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
Technical experts. Social media guru. Evil problem solver. Chief writer. Internet lovers. Internet nerd. Enthusiastic player. Twitter lovers.
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